Workplace Nutrition

Health & Nutrition Workshops

Knowing what to eat and drink might not always take priority in our busy lives. We might skip breakfast in the morning because we already know we have to run for the train, have a quick bite to eat at our desks and have a ready made meal after a long day. Sound familiar?

AYOSAA’s Health & Nutrition Workshops explain the importance of healthy eating and what a balanced diet is. These workshops can be used to boost confidence in making healthy choices at work and at home.

Workshop Overview

  • Half Day Workshop (3 hours, from £220)
    • Healthy eating advice for adults
    • Explanation of the ‘Eat Well Plate’
    • Benefits of eating well explained
    • Common Myths Q&A
  • Full Day Workshops (8 hours, from £560)
    • Targets for physical activity
    • Individual goal setting
    • Recipes and meal ideas and meal adaptation
    • Weight / Height and BMI classifications available on request
    • Individual Consultations (from £35 per person)
  • Individual Consultations (from £40 per half hour)
    • Individual advice based on reported diet
    • Health eating advice
    • Goal setting
    • Weight, Height and BMI classification
    • Monitoring strategies

Further Information

  • Workshops can include group sessions, drop in sessions and/or 1:1 advice
  • Suitable for all types of work places
  • For more information on 1:1 consultations, workshops for less than half a day and  tailored workshops and prices please contact us via email at

Catering & Menu Design

A good working environment and well-being at a workplace can help reduce sickness, improve health and leads to happy workers.

We can work with catering teams and provide guidance around menu design to ensure menus are balanced, healthy and match the needs of your employees.

Catering & Menu Design Overview

  • Basic Package (from £200)
    • Balanced menu guidance
    • Healthier cooking practical advice
    • Training for catering staff (1 hour)
  • Advanced package (from £320)
    • Basic Package contents
    • Specialised menu guidance e.g. gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan diets
    • Other food provision guidance such as vending machines and cafes
    • Allergen advice (2014 Legislation)
    • Linking food and nutrition to the work environment
    • Training for catering staff

Further information

  • Suitable for all workplaces who provide a catering service to employees
  • For more information on tailored catering packages please contact us via email at