Children’s Fitness

YOSAA mini Bollywood

YOSAA mini Bollywood are Bollywood classes specifically designed for children, where moves are tailored to the age group of the class. We will take the children through the moves step by step at a pace which suits them. Classes are heavily based on practice and repetition so that the children learn the moves rather than copy.

It’s ideal for any child who would like to learn how to dance and doesn’t require them to have any previous dance ‘experience’.

Once a short routine is complete, the class will get the opportunity to show parents what they have achieved.

YOSAA mini Overview (1 hour class, from £5)

  • Fun filled Bollywood dance classes for children
  • ‘mini dancers’ will be taught moves step by step
  • Create short routines
  • Performances to parents and family
  • Ages 6 to 14. See term times for class ages and times

Current Terms & Classes

We are currently not running Yosaa Mini classes. Please register your interest by emailing us and we can keep you updates on future dates. You can also keep up to date buy frequently visiting our Class Dates page.

Group Bollywood Workshops

Our group workshops are also available for children’s parties and events. Please visit the Group Fitness Section of our website for package details and prices.