Schools Nutrition

Healthy Eating Workshops & Talks

Children of various ages have different nutritional and activity needs. Our workshops break down the different guidelines for each age group and make recommendations easier to follow.

Workshops can be for children, parents or carers and sessions will be adapted to each client group. Sessions are interactive and resources are provided to help make goal setting easier.

Workshop Overview

  • Half Day Workshops (3 hours, from £220)
    • Healthy eating advice for children
    • Explanation of the ‘Eat Well Plate’
    • Benefits of eating well explained
    • Delivered to parents, children or both together
  • Full day Workshops (8 hours, from £560)
    • Targets for physical activity
    • Individual goal setting with carers
    • Common Myths Q&A
    • Fun recipes and meal ideas

Further Information

  • Workshops can include group sessions or informal drop in sessions
  • Delivered to parents, children (over 5 years of age) or both together
  • Suitable for primary and secondary schools, nursery school and after school clubs
  • For more information on consultations, workshops for less than half a day and tailored workshops and prices please contact us via email at

Catering & Menu Design

There is a lot of work being carried out to ensure children are provided healthy and nutritious meals at school. School lunches are a vital source of nutrients for children and for a number of them it will be their main meal of the day.  Around 30% of total daily intake of energy (calories) should be provided from lunches with care being taken to control sugar, fat and salt intake. We understand achieving a balance menu is vital for schools or similar care environments.

Our Dietitian can help your care setting achieve food standards for children and advise you on menu design to suit your organisation needs.

Catering & Menu Design Overview

  • Basic Package (from £200)
    • Basic menu guidance
    • Healthier cooking practical advice
    • Training for catering staff (1 hour)
    • Implementation of strategies
  • Advance Package (from £320)
    • Basic Package contents
    • Specialised menu guidance e.g. gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan diets
    • Other food provision guidance such as packed lunches, vending machines and tuck shops
    • Allergen Legislation (2014) advice
    • Linking food and nutrition to the school environment
    • Training for all staff (school and catering staff including teachers)

Further Information

  • Suitable for primary and secondary schools, nursery school and after school clubs
  • For more information on tailored catering packages please contact us via email at